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  • What is TGFC's contact information ?
       Social Media:                     &
                                      find us as @TheGunFreedomCo.

  • What do I need to legally purchase a firearm from TGFC ?
     to legally purchase a firearm from an FFL Dealer in Texas you must:
    1.- Be a U.S. C
    itizen, U.S. Resident or qualified legal Alien
    2.- Be at least 18 years old to purchase a Long-Gun (Rifle or Shotgun) or
    3.- Be at least 21 years old & TX resident to purchase a Handgun or Receiver
    4.- Have a current & valid state ID, DL or TX License to Carry
    5.- If active Military: State ID + PCS Orders + CAC
    6.- Complete a Federal Firearms Transaction Record, also referred to as ATF Form 4473

  • Can I gift a gun to someone else ?
    you can gift guns in Texas. As long as you and the new owner meet the previous requirements and he/she is not considered a prohibited person by law.
     offer Private Party FFL Transfers for your peace of mind!

  • What if my NICS background check comes back as a "Denied" status?
    according to federal law, every firearm transfer is subject to a guest background check (unless exempt) and REQUIRES the completion of ATF Form 4473 (5300.9).
    As per company policy,
    denied background checks might be applicable for a full-refund. However, there is a $50.00 denial fee (shipping & handling fee may also be added on special orders and/or cancelled FFL transfers)

  • Why should I shop at TGFC ?
    we are a local gun shop who offers the most competitive prices in town, top tier customer service, master product knowledge, great inventory selection, the newest and latest products in the market, experienced and knowledgeable staff members, we highly support our Military and Veterans as well as our LEOs and First Responders with storewide discounts, modern show room, specialized on tactical home-defense/self-defense firearms, bilingual personnel (English & Spanish), we do special orders if not available in-stock, and lastly, we offer a unique friendly and family store atmosphere in El Paso

  • What if my purchased firearm came defective ?
     according to our company policy,  there is no returns or exchanges on any firearms or ammunition. However, if you purchased a new firearm, we can guide you through the warranty process with the manufacturer

  • How do I apply for employment at TGFC ?
     visit our "Careers" tab, located under our top-right main menu

  • Do I need a gun license/permit to purchase a firearm in Texas ?

  • What kind of services does TGFC provide ?
     Retail Store, Gunsmithing & Cleaning Services,
    Firearm Educational Classes, 
    Gun-Seminars, FFL Transfers, NFA Items, Private Party Transfers, Layaways, Consignments, Trade-Ins and Special Orders

  • Does Texas have a firearm waiting period ?

  • Is there a firearm registration in Texas ?

  • What's the FFL Transfer fee per firearm?
     $45.99 Civilians, $35.99 Veterans, Active Military, LEOs & First Responders
    NFA Items: $135.99 Civilians, $105.99 Veterans, Active Military, LEOs & First Responders.
    (plus Tax)
    ***NOTE*** we ONLY receive-in FFL Transfers. We DO NOT ship-out firearms.
    Once FFL transfer has been received, we can ONLY hold it for up to 14-days at no cost

  • I am a NM resident, can you guys transfer to NM ?
     yes, we partnered with Custom Cartridge Company in Las Cruces. We'll ship your firearm either same day or next day for $25.99 shipping fee

  • Do you guys offer "Gun Storage" service ?
     unfortunately, we d
    on't offer gun storage service. Keep in mind that any transferred firearm stored overnight has a maximum limit of stay at no additional cost for up to 14 days.
    Any additional time, there will be a $35.00 fee per week for up to 1 month. This policy excludes NFA items during the waiting period while pending tax stamp approval. Any FFL Transfer, Special Order, Layaway or Firearm left for Gunsmithing that have not been picked up within 30-days will become property of The Gun Freedom Co. and may be subject to being sold to cover storage fee and other expenses, without compensation to the transferee

  • Do you sell pre-owned firearms ?

  • Can I sell or trade-in my firearms ? 
     yes, we also offer consignment program

  • How do I put a gun on Consignment and what's the Fee ?  
    after conducting an initial inspection, we'll determine a recommended price with you.
    Then, we'll create a display info, promote it in our Social Media and we'll make it ready (cleaned and lubed) for Sale in our display case. Guest 80
    % - TGFC 20%

  • Does TGFC offer any type of discounts ?
    yes, 3% OFF Storewide everyday to Veterans, Active Military, LEOs & First Responders when presenting valid credentials. We also offer our discounted "Blue Label Program"

  • What methods of payment does TGFC accept ?
    cash and card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex. NO CHECKS
    we also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay. You can Tap, Insert or Swipe your card

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